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cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries

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Key points

Fine housing

Safe, clean and certified housing.

Good payment

Periodic payment of salary according to collective bargaining agreement for greenhouse horticulture through the bank

Arrival assistance

We will help you with all the necessary documents

Sufficient work

You can make enough hours

Job coach contact

For questions or ambiguities, you will have a regular point of contact

Fresh Valley

You are looking for a fine workplace in the Netherlands, at Fresh Valley Works you have come to the right place. 

Working at 5 locations in the Southern Netherlands, working in our own modern greenhouses and packing areas. There are opportunities for everyone, various crop operations, harvesting of our (mini) cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries, packing and everything that comes with it.

We provide a schedule so it is clear what your working days and hours are, these are stable.

Work at Fresh Valley Works in these 5 steps.

Apply or respond to a job posting

We will contact you within 24 hours

Discussing your trip and providing housing, transportation and guidance

Start at one of our locations and enjoy your living space

We help you with all the necessary documents direct contact with our job coach

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